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  • Ads skip the show

    By Nickname#58976543
    I don’t watch a lot but every now and then towards the end it’ll pay an ad and it’ll cut out the last 3-5 minutes of the show I’m watching. It’s really annoying
  • Horrible tech

    By ally@08
    How in this day with the technology we have, Hulu still can’t keep the episodes straight on where I leave off but still mess it all up. What a joke!
  • Ads.

    By Samali19
    Hulu is fine and all, but it’s highly annoying trying to find where you left off in a show, and getting stuck watching commercials back to back to back. Almost not worth paying for the subscription at all, seeing as there are way better streaming services. Doesn’t make sense at all how Hulu has more than a 3 star rating
  • Request

    I am really starting to hate this app, the reason why is because there is to many ads and I would be fine if there was just one or 2 ads possibly only 1 but please lower the ads
  • Hulu keeps taking my payment

    By fed up1999
    Twice I’ve tried to pay for Hulu twice they took my money (the first payment got refunded by Apple so I should’ve known better ) and twice when I go back to log in it’s asking me to restore my purchase when I literally just paid This time I paid for Hulu Disney + bundle and Disney + works just fine but Hulu just keeps asking me to restore my purchase 😡
  • Stop signing me out!!!!!!

    By EmmyL28
    Stop signing me out. I’m a single user that uses Apple TV and an iPad so why are you signing me out!!! I take my iPad to the gym and signing back in on public wifi is a big no-no. If you disagree, you shouldn’t be in the software business. Perhaps I should ditch your service and pay for something else. Also the UI/UX needs work. I’d like to be able to find new releases and British titles easily. As it stands, a hodgepodge of irrelevant titles clutter my homepage. Update (3 months later): same exact issues remain!!! Come on. You’re not keeping subscribers with this nonsense!
  • Please read before downloading

    By Speck2011
    I downloaded this app thinking it was going to be the same as what I have on my TV. This app is not good. The only reason I even gave it 2 stars is because it let me watch ONE episode of Full House, but when I went to watch another, it wouldn’t let me. It buffers so much. It will show a scene and then skip to the next. Your screen will eventually go black or it will kick you to home. I deleted this. If you want to watch things from Hulu, go download Disney Plus. You can still watch the same things, just a different app. Don’t waist your time downloading this. Just listen to all these bad reviews.
  • Garbage

    By TaZ8188
    Absolute worst streaming service there is PERIOD
  • Always stuck

    By Meeeeehello
    This app lags mostly of the times. Works when it wants to.
  • terrible app

    By 3332345
    I've had an incredibly frustrating experience with Hulu. The service rarely loads properly, and I often find myself staring at a buffering screen for minutes on end, if it ever loads at all. When it finally does work, the sheer number of ads is unbearable. It feels like I’m watching more commercials than actual content. For a paid service, this is unacceptable. Hulu needs to seriously improve its streaming reliability and cut down on the excessive advertising. I expected a lot more from such a well-known platform.